Bermuda: A style All Its Own

Winter 2001 CSANews Issue 41  |  Posted date : Apr 03, 2007.Back to list

Bermuda is the epitome of a luxury retirement destination. The island holds all the excitement and seduction of a Caribbean island and combines it with the quaint charm of a traditional English village.

Cobblestone laneways string together colorful cottages and stately homes perched on hills and tucked in valleys throughout this tiny island.

I enjoy meeting people whose grace and good manners always made me feel more than welcome.

Bermuda is an excellent retirement destination. It offers superb golfing, the very best in spas, heart-stopping sailing, crystal-clear waters in which to dive and snorkel, entertaining shopping, world-class restaurants, good health care and daily flights to New York, Atlanta and Toronto.

It is not, however, for the financially faint of heart. The minimum a non-belonger may spend for a residence is US $750,000. The cost of living is high, groceries are exorbitant, and normally high-ticket items will leave you gasping for mercy.

Leave your Land Rover and Mack trucks at home. There are severe restrictions on the number of vehicles you are permitted to own and vehicle size. Bermudans are masters at parking in impossibly small places. I witnessed a jaw-dropping feat against nature and physics as Stephanie Davidge negotiated her Renault into an impossible space with only inches left at either end.

The restrictions are exactly why you see large, grown men roaring around town on tiny motorcycle-like contraptions called mopeds.

To make things more interesting, those large, grown men often wear a shirt, jacket and tie with natty shorts and knee socks. I am not sure exactly what natty means, but it seems to fit. It is a style that only works in Bermuda; anywhere else and you would surely be nabbed by the fashion police.

The place has a personality of its own. Aloof but offering a most enviable lifestyle, Bermuda gleams with white, pink, turquoise and a lot of green.

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