Letter from the Editor Issue 40

Fall 2001 CSANews Issue 40  |  Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.Back to list

Sometimes, an event occurs that has the potential to change our entire world. The unbelievable destruction we witnessed on September 11 is now part of our history, but the outpouring of kindness, selflessness and caring following the tragedy will impact our lives forever. I believe that every person has changed, in some way, for the better. The new car, the electronic toys and the endless quest for money all seem so insignificant and unimportant now. Our human values and compassion for others have returned, after a very long absence.

It seems that all the wars in the world have been put on hold. Russia and the U.S. are co-operating in ways they never have before. China, India and even Pakistan seem to have put their differences with the "Western World" aside. Countries with strange names in faraway places are entering our living rooms as friends. Charitable donations are pouring in from all corners of the world. Even a massive relief effort has been mounted in Afghanistan, unlike our normal foreign aid that is often too little ­ too late. There is a feeling of co-operation and friendship in the air, between diverse countries, that I previously thought to be impossible.

I believe that the NATO countries will pump billions and billions of dollars into the economies of many poorer countries, in an attempt to unify the world. This should result in higher standards of living, and reduce the effects of famine and disease that have been ignored for so long. If we can give people, who have much less than us, some hope of a better life and the opportunity to improve their lot in life, what enormous benefits we can all reap, as a society.

World peace and prosperity is not an impossible goal. If we can all give a little bit of ourselves to others, and maintain the levels of kindness and caring which have been so evident in the past few weeks, anything is possible.

J. Ross Quigley