Government Relations Report Issue 40

Fall 2001 CSANews Issue 40  |  Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.Back to list

We have already met with provincial ministers in Ontario and have meetings confirmed for Manitoba. We are rescheduling our meeting in Prince Edward Island and are in the process of contacting additional provincial ministries in our goal to arrange face-to-face discussions with senior ministers and policy advisors to discuss our National Evaluation. The roadblocks that have been thrown in our way would be laughable if they weren't so indicative of what the public often goes through when trying to reach their elected officials.

At our recent board of directors meeting, we had a crash-course in Strategic Planning, facilitated by our executive director, Heather Nicolson-Morrison. As you can imagine, getting a room full of CSA staff, advisors and directors from across the country to come to a consensus resulted in very active and often loud discussions. To reach a consensus is the only acceptable outcome when doing a Strategic Plan including a Mission Statement for an organization, and we are all very pleased with the results of our sessions. We have now set a Mission Statement for the CSA and, although it may not be long, I assure you that the conversations deciding it certainly were!

As you may recall, in 1996-1997, the CSA lobbied the federal government requesting consideration be given to continuing support of Radio Canada International. Funding continued. We have recently been advised that, due to government budget restraints, Radio Canada International no longer transmits news on weekends. A letter has been sent to the federal minister about our concerns in having our citizens in touch with situations throughout the world via short-wave radio, at all times. We trust that the CBC board will address this important issue next they meet.

We have also just received confirmation of our standing before The Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology. We look forward to discussing, with Senator Kirby, a key concern of the CSA ­ the Portability Principle of the Canada Health Act. Senator Kirby is well known for his common sense and good judgment, and we anticipate a very proactive meeting with him. At this point, we are still hopeful of achieving standing before the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada, chaired by commissioner Roy Romanow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who took the time to contact us regarding our Travellers' Bill of Rights Mission Statement. While we did not hear from a great many members, we did receive some very interesting and enlightening comments. I truly believe that member input is one of the keys to our success, and your participation is greatly appreciated on all issues.

The new CSA mission Statement:
The Canadian Snowbird Association, a non-profit organization, works for Canadian travellers by actively defending and improving their rights and privileges.

This statement encapsulates the work of the association as that of being proactive on behalf of all our members.