Causeway Collapse in Texas

Fall 2001 CSANews Issue 40  |  Posted date : Apr 01, 2007.Back to list

The death toll is now four, after four loaded barges slammed into the state's longest bridge, the Queen Isabella Causeway, early this morning. Three of the victims died after their cars plunged into the water. A fourth victim died this afternoon at a local hospital after he was pulled from the water. As many as 10 cars are believed to have plummeted into the Laguna Madre. Divers have located five vehicles submerged in the water. It remains unclear how many people are missing. At least 13 people have been rescued. Authorities say that the Brown Water Marine Services and its four barges rammed into the Queen Isabella Causeway at around two o'clock this morning. Also, a concrete pillar that supported the Queen Isabella Causeway toppled this afternoon after officials had tried earlier to reinforce it. The pillar was left standing after the barges rammed into the bridge. Coast Guard helicopters and boats, along with numerous other officials, are on the scene. Officials tell us that a ferry service is being set up to get people off the island. The 2.37-mile causeway is the state's longest bridge. (compliments of

Editor's Note: The death toll has increased to eight and the bridge is now expected to open sometime in December. The car ferry is now operating, but call for specific times.