Government Relations Report Issue 39

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Travellers Bill of Rights

On May 31, 2001, the Canadian Snowbird Association had a truly groundbreaking day. Key representatives of our association met with six Ontario cabinet members and their political staff. As you read in President Bob Jackson's column, we were fortunate to arrange a full day of meetings and we have been told by a number of sources that arranging meetings with that many ministers in one day is very unusual. It is our goal to promote this type of access and relationship with all federal and provincial government ministers, across this country, who play a direct role in determining our future.

Recently, we had a full board of directors meeting at our head office in Toronto. In addition to regular board matters, it was an opportunity for us to finalize our plans and decisions with regard to the CSA's National Report Card. Most importantly, we finalized the areas to be graded on provincial and federal levels. These topics are:
  1. Provincial residency requirements;
  2. Prescription drug policies as they pertain to vacation supplies of drugs;
  3. Payment for out-of-country emergency care (compliance with CHA);
  4. Out-of-province voting rights;
  5. Passport renewal; and
  6. Border-crossing issues.
We feel that these issues will cover a broad spectrum of concerns for, and of interest to, our members and all Canadians who travel. Our staff has already prepared a comprehensive database encompassing both the minister and opposition critics responsible for each area, and we are primed and ready to move on all fronts both federally and provincially.

In the last issue of CSA News, I spoke briefly about our Mission Statement and the Travellers' Bill of Rights and we now need input from our members. Please read the following and let us know via e-mail, fax or mail whether or not you agree with our interpretation of our members' rights. These criteria are designed to be all-encompassing, which will allow us to adapt to new situations as required.


To work in partnership with government and business to educate and advocate on behalf of Canadian snowbirds, which will ultimately benefit all travelling Canadians, regardless of age or lifestyle. To speak out on behalf of travelling Canadians, believing in their dignity and unique worth as citizens of Canada. To ensure that all Canadians are free to enjoy safe travel with no restrictions on freedom of movement.

Travellers' Bill of Rights
  • You have the right to travel and live the lifestyle of your choice.
  • You have the right to travel freely, without restrictions based upon origin, race, age, background or views.
  • You have the right to freedom of information and easy access to provincial and federal guidelines/procedures/policies and laws that affect your lives.
  • You have the right to voice your approval or disapproval to the Canadian and provincial governments.
  • You have the right to be respected and to be treated respectfully.
  • You have the right to safe passage.
Please take a moment to fill out the reply card below and send it to us. We look forward to reading your views and opinions on the proposed Mission Statement and Travellers' Bill of Rights.

The Canadian Snowbird Association has approached Commissioner Roy Romanow for standing before the Commission on the Future of Healthcare in Canada. We are very hopeful that our president, Bob Jackson, will be afforded the opportunity to meet with the commissioner to discuss the needs and concerns of snowbirds ­ and seniors ­ across the country. Should permission be granted, this will be an invaluable opportunity to illustrate the unique lifestyle and needs of our members.
As well, we have submitted a letter to Senator Kirby in hopes of appearing before the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology Commission. Again, we look forward to receiving positive confirmation of our status before this very important commission.

As you can see, there is a great deal happening to keep us busy over the next few months. We anticipate that this is the beginning of great change for our association and I'm truly glad to have you, our member, as a part of it.

Please send us your comments:

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