And the Survey Says...2001

Summer 2001 CSANews Issue 39  |  Posted date : Mar 09, 2007.Back to list

Amazing! CSA members are the most dedicated and committed people we have ever seen in any organization. Thousands of you took the time to respond to our recent survey and CSA News had to hire extra temporary staff to tabulate your results.

As always, you surprised us with many of your answers. We have taken some of the questions and answers and shown them below and have made an editorial comment on one or two of them. We hope you enjoy your responses as much as we have.

1. Members of CSA more than 5 years.
  • 65.71%
2. Lifetime member. (We're surprised it's so low!)
  • 11.21%
3. Radio shows listened to:
  • news/talk     45.93%
  • easy listening     41.76%
  • country     21.98%
  • classical     15.82%
4. Your main hobbies are:
  • walking     64.62%
  • reading     63.30%
  • gardening     52.97%
  • golf     47.25%
  • swimming     29.67%
  • Internet surfing     21.42%
5. Your volunteering patterns:
  • occasionally     44.62%
  • weekly     14.51%
  • never     23.30%
6. Do you have a financial advisor?
  • yes     62.20%
  • no     33.41%
(The "yes" is very high compared to other group surveys. CSA members are smart! 20% were not sure if they needed one or not ­ you do.)
7. The performance of your financial investments is:
  • good/excellent     66.20%
  • fair     16.04%
  • below average or poor     6.38%
(Again, amazing in light of recent market conditions.)
8. CSA designated mutual funds were evenly split between those in favour and those not.
(65% were "not sure.")
9. Home ownership:
  • Canada     85.05%
  • Winter destination     53.41%
10. Living in a retirement community:
  • Canada     9.67%
  • Winter destination     37.58%
(37.58% would be interested in considering his Canadian option. Only 14% were interested at their winter destination.)
11. How you forward mail:
  • Canada Post     39.78%
  • Family forwarding mail     25.05%
  • Friends forwarding mail     10.77%
  • Do not forward     17.14%
12. More than 25% have been at their current winter residence OVER 10 YEARS.
13. Over 20% are RVers
14. A very high interest level of 57.36% for a vehicle maintenance column in the CSA News. (We will look into this further for you.)
15. Consumer loyal program participation:
  • Frequent flyer plans     18.68%
  • Frequent flyer credit cards     9.89%
  • Air miles     64.40%
  • Petro points     9.23%
  • Club Z     42.20%
  • Others     14.95%
(Air miles and Club Z really surprised us. The frequent flyer credit cards were surprisingly low. Have a look at Royal Bank's Avion Visa and CIBC's Aerogold card.)
16. 51.43% shop at "warehouse" or "megastores." (We do too!)
17. 56.70% own a computer and almost 50% are Internet users. (This is much higher than our last survey. In fact, almost double!)
18. AT&T provided 50% of you with long*distance service and 57.14% carry a telephone calling card. Bell Canada was by far the preferred choice for the card.
19. Cellular phones were carried by 40.22% (Another amazing number.)

20. Approximately 5% of you pay a surcharge on your auto insurance for U.S. travel. (You should find a new company. The CSA Auto/Home plan is excellent.)

21. We at CSA News have some of the most loyal and avid readers of any magazine ever. 72.99% read almost everything we print (including our ads). Our humble thanks for your loyalty and support.

22. 76.27% consider yourselves to be in good to excellent health and part of that can certainly be traced to the 68% who walk for exercise several times a week. (This has increased by almost 20%.)

23. High blood pressure and arthritis are still our most common health problems at 32.31% and 32.09%, respectively.

24. Over 52% would PAY for non invasive medical screening and 41% would pay up to $500 for this. (Where are our governments on this important issue!!!!)

This last statistic is for our prime minister, the provincial government premiers and all health care ministers who may read this. (And we do send them all copies of CSA News.)

86.37% of us believe that our government health insurance plan should pay for the PSA prostate cancer test. Only 3.74% of you disagree. Is anyone listening out there in "bureaucracy land"? Please, just fix it, save some lives!

Thanks, everyone!