Executive Director's Report Issue 39

Summer 2001 CSANews Issue 39  |  Posted date : Mar 09, 2007.Back to list

The lazy hot days of late summer may be here, but your CSA board and staff are very busy working on various projects that will strengthen our association.

In preparation for the healthy future of our association, the board of directors is doing the groundwork for a special summit in the fall. At that time, a vision for the future of the CSA will be produced. Directors, CSA staff and advisors will be working, arguing, fighting and hopefully laughing as we move towards the development of a consensus on what the association is doing and where it should be moving or growing.

In the next few months, the Government Relations Committee is planning and promoting meetings with various provincial governments and the federal government to ensure that not only is our vision of the National Report Card put forward, but that other pertinent issues regarding travelling Canadians can be put forward as well. It is hoped that we will be made as welcome in these other legislatures and venues as we recently were in the province of Ontario.

The Marketing Committee is researching and developing, with the aid of the Communications and Membership chairs, a script and plan for the development of new memberships. New members are the lifeblood of any association and we must develop new strategies and initiatives to attract the looming baby boom generation as supporters of our CSA causes.

On a more personal note, recently I submitted my fellowship paper in economic development to the University of Waterloo. The paper deals with how Canadian communities are getting ready for, and coping with, the needs of a quickly growing seniors' society. During my research, I came across an excellent resource produced by Statistics Canada entitled Statistical Snapshots of Canada's Seniors. This report was developed during the International Year of Older Persons at which time Health Canada posted a statistical snapshot weekly on their Web site. The report held some surprising information on various aspects of seniors' lives, such as the fact that in 1997, 800,000 Canadians over 65 years old participated in a range of volunteer activities. It has long been believed that seniors provide a wealth of information and expertise to their communities and this simple statistic proves that belief. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following for their help and guidance during the development of this paper: President Bob Jackson, Director Ellen White, CSA Media Public Relations Advisor Barb Moss, Medipac President, all of our members who took the time to answer our online survey and, of course, my parents and husband for all their input and support -- now let's hope that the university likes it!

Just prior to our last board of directors meeting, CSA staff enjoyed two very special guests at our bi-monthly staff meeting ­ President Bob Jackson and Secretary Ellen White joined us for bagels and updates. Everyone agreed that taking our comments to the "very top" was a huge boost ­ and it gave Bob and Ellen an opportunity to hear first hand, how the "front line" was managing.

Since last going to press, the CSA has hired yet another friendly voice for its call centre staff ­ Laraine Polevoy joins us with a wealth of experience, a sunny sense of humour and a very professional attitude.

Your CSA Staff - Gabe, Barb, Celine, Laraine, Bonnie and I wish you a happy and safe summer.