Letter from the Editor Issue 38

Spring 2001 CSANews Issue 38  |  Posted date : Mar 08, 2007.Back to list

"I love it when a plan comes together." This often-repeated statement comes from an old weekly TV series called "The A-Team." It was about a bunch of good guys, fighting insurmountable odds - and winning! ­ every week!

Sound familiar? As I followed the progress of the CSA over the past several years, I have seen the good guys (and girls) overcome those insurmountable odds, literally, every week. Little victories and many setbacks too, that have slowly added up to today's commanding presence before our governments and elected politicians. Bob Jackson's President's Message and Paul Jenkins's Government Report are just an overview of the CSA's recent work, and I sense a movement in the various government's policies that could become an avalanche of change.

It all started with a little (by our current standards) meeting in Lakeland, Florida, and it seems like destiny that our recent AGM and Snowbird Extravaganza were held at the original location. Ellen White, CSA's Communications Director and Board Secretary, outlines the event in her AGM Report, and information on the Extravaganzas and Winter Information Meetings is throughout this issue.

The CSA's Plan is "coming together," and I foresee an abundance of good news on the horizon.

J. Ross Quigley

P.S. Willa McLean's book review of "The Encyclopaedia of Health and Aging" on page 42 is not to be missed. She certainly convinced me to put it on my "must read list."