CSA Annual General Meeting 2001

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It was an historic occasion for the Canadian Snowbird Association. The Annual General Meeting (AGM), held during Extravaganza 2001 in Lakeland, Florida, would take place in the same location as the founding meeting of the group of Canadians who later adopted the name "Canadian Snowbird Association."

In March 1992, in response to the growing frustration of Canadians spending their winters in the South, Bill Leeder, then owner and publisher of Canada News, called for a meeting at the Lakeland Community Center. More than 1,000 interested Canadians arrived to express their concerns. A steering committee was selected, comprised of Art Jackson, Jack Parry, Frank Oliver, Evelyn Goodings and Don Slinger. This was the birth of one of the most important organizations in Canada, and the most important in Canada for travelling Canadians.

Nine short years later, at AGM 2001, president Bob Jackson welcomed all Canadian Snowbird Association members who were in attendance, and introduced the man who was so helpful in our early days - Bill Leeder, and his wife Sally. Then, Bob Jackson had the pleasure of introducing two of the founding committee members, both of whom have served as president - Jack Parry, and his wife Jenny, and Don Slinger, and his wife Beth. He also introduced Kay Jeanneret, first vice-president, and her husband John. Although not members of the original steering committee, both Kay and John have been dedicated members from the early stages of the association, with Kay serving as secretary for several years.

Extravaganza's master of ceremonies, well-known entertainer Ronnie Prophet, and his wife, Glory-Anne, led the singing of the national anthems, and Kay Jeanneret welcomed members in English, with Jack Kiuru addressing the audience in French.

President Jackson spoke about the importance of the association in representing the rights of travelling Canadians, and thanked board members and their spouses, the executive director and staff in the CSA office for their support and dedication. The financial report, presented by treasurer Alex Scott and finance manager Gabriel Ponikowski, showed that the association is still on a steady course, despite problems with the weakened Canadian dollar.

Bob Jackson announced that the CSA's former executive director, Carol Robertson, had fulfilled her term, and introduced our new executive director, Heather Nicolson-Morrison. Heather spoke briefly about her new role, and stressed the importance of the ongoing work required of each member in building and maintaining a strong association.

Paul Jenkins, chairman of the Government Relations Committee, highlighted the work of the past year and stressed the benefits of both the lobbying work done by his committee and of the newly introduced Grass Roots lobbying effort. He also made reference to the development of the Traveller's Bill of Rights and Mission Statement.

Wallace Weylie, CSA legal counsel, introduced two amendments to the bylaws, that were seconded and passed by the members.

He spoke briefly about the former Retirees' Visa Bill that must be reintroduced and Bill 110 that has now been repealed.

The special guest speaker, the Honourable Cam Jackson, then- minister of tourism for Ontario, praised the work of the Canadian Snowbird Association and pledged his support to the association in the coming year.

Ross Quigley, CEO of Medipac International, spoke positively about the growth of the CSA's endorsed travel insurance program in the past year, and overviewed the various changes and new features that his company plans to introduce in 2001.

In his closing remarks, Bob Jackson expressed his thanks to everyone who had participated in making and keeping CSA an important organization for all Canadians. He reminded members of the important role they play in obtaining new members, backing the CSA both verbally and financially, and keeping the association aware of their concerns. He discussed objectives for the coming year, including an outline of the development of the planned Traveller's Bill of Rights. 

Medipac's President ended the meeting with a welcome to the Lakeland Center, and an invitation to all to enjoy Florida's famous Snowbird Extravaganza, as well as the others to be held across the sun belt. He stressed the shows' importance as vehicles for snowbird information, education and entertainment. Members were thanked for their participation and invited to return in 2002.

Notice re: Candidates for Positions on the Board of Directors

The bylaws of the Canadian Snowbird Association Inc., both Canadian and American, provide that a nominating committee be established by the Board of Directors to name a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors, prior to the Annual Meeting. The next Annual Meeting will be held in Lakeland, Florida on the 30th of January, 2002. Members who are interested in being considered by the Nominating Committee as potential members of the Board of Directors should submit their names and addresses to the Executive Secretary of the Association, to be sent application forms, no later than the 15th of June, 2001. The completed application forms are to be submitted no later than the 30th of June, 2001. A meeting of the Nominating Committee will be held in July 2001, at which time a slate of candidates will be chosen. The names of those candidates will be published, and any member wishing to be elected in place of one of the candidates must submit his or her name, along with 50 member signatures, to the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Full details of that procedure will be given at the time of announcement of the names of the members chosen by the Nominating Committee.

The addresses are as follows:

For Application Forms:
Ms. Heather Nicolson-Morrison,
Executive Director
Canadian Snowbird Association
180 Lesmill Rd.
North York, ON
M3B 2T5
Fax: 416-441-7007

For Completed Applications:
Mr. Wallace Weylie
General Counsel, CSA
350 Gulf Blvd.
Indian Rocks Beach, FL
Fax: 727-593-2192