Medical Screening - It's Common Sense

Spring 2001 CSANews Issue 38  |  Posted date : Mar 08, 2007.Back to list

It just makes sense. Medical sense, Cost sense, Peace of Mind sense and Common sense.

It is pretty obvious that if your doctor can find an illness or condition you have, in its early stages, that your chances of a full, and fast, recovery are far greater. Even if a full recovery is not possible, due to the nature of a disease, early intervention can dramatically slow down a disease's progress and improve both the quality and length of your life.

Much of our Canadian health care system is, unfortunately, based on the treatment of symptoms. You have a problem, you go to your doctor, he or she tells you what it is, and you then receive drugs or other treatment to, hopefully, fix the symptoms. If the problem is unknown or found to be serious, you are sent for medical tests and, subsequently, referred to a specialist. Often more tests will be required by the specialist, and we are starting to experience weeks, and possibly months, of delay in both diagnosing and treating our illness or disease.

Many diseases progress to their middle stages before ANY symptoms appear and the delays inherent in our health care system can allow a disease to further advance to its later stages.

The treatment of a well advanced disease can be very complicated and very expensive. Invasive surgical procedures, high cost drugs and sometimes experimental treatments and drugs become necessary in an attempt to save and prolong life. Cancer, heart and lung disease, stroke, and bowel and internal organ disorders are all life threatening conditions which, if diagnosed at an early date, are often "curable".

Why are we not aggressively searching for these diseases, long before symptoms appear?

The most common answer is "It's too expensive". What can be more expensive than the billions and billions of dollars spent in treating diseases that could be prevented? Is saving or prolonging someone's life "too expensive"? Intensive medical screening for serious disease is the only, logical, first step in any caring and comprehensive health care system.

Health Screen America, of Jacksonville Florida, is one of the first companies to sell intensive medical screening, as a product. They perform dozens and dozens of high-tech tests which search for the many diseases and conditions, which can effect us all, and they provide written, and computer readable, results which you can discuss with your personal doctor.

This type of product is long overdue in the marketplace and it gives you the opportunity to take charge of your own health, in the proactive way you might take care of your car. Medical Screening ­ It's Just Common Sense.