A Little "Thank You" to Our Wonderful Staff

Winter 2000 CSANews Issue 37  |  Posted date : Mar 07, 2007.Back to list

In our last issue, I mentioned the many letters we receive, and I want to take a little time to give credit where credit is due. It is physically impossible to answer every letter, and we try to choose ones that address the common issues that all snowbirds face. We receive some negative letters that usually relate to the complexity of our application, asking the same question twice, and referring to another insurance plan that the member feels is better value.

We also have many requests to review our medical requirements, especially in the prostate and breast cancer areas. This is really a premium rate issue as some other companies will give you a good price if you want no coverage for these conditions and can live with the pre-existing conditions clauses they have. We are still wrestling with this and, hopefully, will soon find a solution. As we know, many plans change every year and, when we research many of the other issues members raise, we find the plan has been discontinued or the prices have increased substantially. Occasionally, we also find that they have misunderstood the wordings, either in our program or the other plans.

On a continuous basis, we are looking to improve our plan provisions and to allow as many people to be properly covered, as possible. Your thoughts and suggestions are all an integral part of this process, and we thank you for taking the time to write and to send your E-mails.

Please let me show you, by example, what most other letters are about:

...I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful group of people you have working for you...To my pleasure and amazement, the gal (Debbie) answered after the first ring with a wonderful smiling voice and took care of me right away...all of your personnel have been wonderful, so I leave for Florida knowing that I will be well taken care of by your staff...People are quick to criticize (as I am when the need arises) but I do not think enough people give "hurrahs" when they are needed. ­ Mrs. K.

... It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with your company. Paul Rose has been outstanding in his help to me at this difficult time. Medipac International will be our only contact for myself and my husband in our future out-of-country travels. ­ Mrs. H.

...Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Patrick who handled my application for travel insurance...in a fine professional manner. I thought that you may like to know this. ­ Mr.D.

...We are pleased with the way we were treated by all your staff under these trying times. Thank you for your expert care. We shall not hesitate in recommending Medipac Assist... - Mrs.M.

...Congratulations! We're here to testify that Medipac is a great company! ... - Mrs. McL.

...You may be interested to know that I have canvassed numerous other suppliers on both coverage and rates, and in my view the CSA package is again far superior to any I looked into, in terms of the provisions of the policy and the rates... Your policy and guidebook are excellent compared to most others... a job well done. - Mr. S.

...Martha...Thank you for your excellent service in our time of need... -Ms. G.

...I would like to express our sincere thanks to Medipac for the excellent way our claim in Arizona has been handled. Our sincere thanks to the "phone ladies" both in the emergency and claims departments who were so kind and efficient...It's called peace of mind! ... - Mr.K.

... one of your employees "Raymond". His professional manner, his caring, and the calming way he puts his clients at ease answering our many questions and guiding us through the application process, is very much appreciated... - Mr&Mrs K.

These are just a few of your many comments and sometimes it feels like Christmas (It is getting close to the Holiday Season) with the many thank-you cards we receive. I would simply like to say thank you, publicly, to all of our hard working and dedicated staff. You always surprise me with your excellence and you surprise our many customers because, your kind of service and caring is hard to find in this automated and fast-paced world of ours.