Executive Director's Report Issue 37

Winter 2000 CSANews Issue 37  |  Posted date : Mar 07, 2007.Back to list

Being associated with the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA) for the past eight years, and having had the opportunity to serve as a board member, the first vice-president and the association's executive director, has been a stimulating time in my professional life.
I am retiring as CSA Executive Director at the end of this year to pursue other challenging opportunities and personal goals.

I know that I leave the CSA in very capable and dedicated hands. The current executive and board are involved with the planning of future programs and advocacy action that will further the association's goals of protecting the rights, well-being and chosen lifestyles of CSA members and all Canadian travelers.

To Bob Jackson, President, Ellen White, Secretary, and all members of the board, I wish to thank you for your support and assistance, while I was in the position of Executive Director. With your guidance and patience, we accomplished the task of examining the overall administration structure, plus the policies and procedures of the CSA.

I sincerely thank the CSA and Medipac staff for the opportunity of working with them. It has been a learning experience, from which I have grown.

My successor (Ms. Heather Nicolson-Morrison) will find an active and dynamic organization, which will be challenging, yet enriching. I wish her much success and I know that the executive, board and staff will find the expertise Heather brings to the position a great asset in furthering the association's mandate.

Carol Robertson


Whew, just a couple of weeks on the job and already I feel as though I have worn out my running shoes!

The roles of Executive Director and Government Lobbyist for the CSA are a tall order and I look forward to the challenge of making things happen. The CSA is expanding its advocacy role, representing members' interests and addressing issues across Canada, at both the federal and provincial levels and monitoring governments' progress in protecting the rights of the CSA members to health care and travel. I am very excited and honoured to be working with your Government Relations Committee on this very important component of CSA business. At this juncture in Canadian politics, there is an opportunity to accomplish much ­ especially with the recent federal elections and the upcoming provincial elections. With a hard-working Board of Directors and a good staff to implement their policy, I look forward to reporting to you on our accomplishments.

Upon starting my position here, I was lucky to have the mentoring of both President Bob Jackson and Executive Director Carol Robertson. Carol will be missed and, although petite in size, she leaves big shoes to fill. She has done a marvelous job in setting the operational and administrative objectives of the CSA and providing directional focus in creating a firm base from which the CSA can work.

During my interview for this position (one of the hardest I have ever experienced), I kept thinking how I was ever going to keep up with this Board, who really want to make a difference? I think that I have at least figured that out: get plenty of sleep, know everything that is going on in the country and wear runners. And I thought that provincial politics was tough!

At this time, on behalf of your CSA staff, Elizabeth Duguay, Jean Thomson, Celine Massaroni and Gabe Ponikowski, we wish you and your families Seasons Greetings and a very Merry New Year.

Heather Nicolson- Morrison