From the Desk of Don Slinger Issue 37

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I am writing this column in the first week of November, while Beth is busy packing for our winter months in Florida.

I can recall that we came to an agreement about 15 years ago, that we would only pack the stuff we needed to get to Florida and the same arrangements returning home in the spring. However, she still manages to fill the trunk and back seat to the brim. Oh well, if this is my biggest concern, I haven't got much to complain about.

In the early part of the summer, I was asked to speak at a conference in Orlando in October. The organizing group is known as AICPA/CICA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants). This first-ever conference was focused on Elder Care ­ looking for ways and means to best serve the increasing number of seniors who are shattering statistics about longevity and good health. Very few of the attendees had ventured into this new field and, thus, were hungry for information.

As accountants, they were told that this is not a quick money-maker, and that they must plan to be advisors for the long haul, or forget it. They should expand their services presently being provided to clients, and capitalize on the intimacy they have established, to deal with the sensitive issues involved. They should communicate with their clients' families, as well, to establish the needs and wishes of all parties.

Avoid confrontation at all costs. Remember, the welfare of the client comes ahead of anything else. Yes, it was a good conference. Common sense prevailed, and this wins every time.

Most events have silver linings along the way. When I stepped out of the taxi at the hotel, the Disney fireworks began. There was a convention of fireworks manufacturers at the hotel and each was trying to outdo the others. The result was the most fantastic fireworks display that I have ever seen.