Insurance Update Issue 61

Fall 2006 CSANews Issue 61  |  Posted date : Jun 01, 2007.Back to list

At the recent Canadian Snowbird Association board meeting, Roland Bélanger, the CSA’s Quebec Director, passed me a piece of history. It was a mid-1980’s travel insurance certificate from the National Auto League. This program was, of course, our program and it was called“Medipac Plus.” It was also the fi rst travel insurance to cover people travelling in Canada. The benefi ts provided were out-of-province benefi ts as well as out-of-country benefi ts, and Medipac Plus was invaluable to many frequent travellers.

Even in those days, there was a reluctance to being treated in the U.S. health care system and our Canadian Medicare was also much better in its earlier days than it is now. I remember one of our insured clients, a long distance trucker who had broken his leg while adjusting his load in New York state, who crawled back to his truck and drove to Canada for his treatment. He did call our emergency medical lines but only to tell us he had returned home safely. I can still picture him driving his big tractor trailer rig and trying to shift one of the 18-24 gears with his one good leg. Every country in the world has excellent medical facilities and Medipac is here to help you find them.

My curiosity was aroused. Mr. Bélanger had been a Medipac client long before the existence of CSA, let alone his becoming a CSA Director. Medipac has detailed records chronicling 14 years of our most recent history and it was time to do a“search and find.” Amazingly, we have 4,417 clients who have purchased Medipac travel insurance for 14 consecutive years, without a break. Their plans did not change; a sickness or injury did not slow them down and for 14 years they have travelled with the security of Medipac as their companion. They are also 14 years older, just like me, and we all know how expensive travel insurance can get.

One of our primary goals for next year’s insurance program will be to fi nd an even better way to reward our long-term followers. I say followers because they have followed us from AIG, to Seaboard Life, to the ugly Crown Life, to Mutual of Omaha and, fi nally, to Manulife. That all adds up to 25 years of fi ghting insurance companies to treat our clients with compassion and respect. We are now entering our tenth year with Manulife and, although we still squabble, they have given us the ability to deliver powerful products to our travelling clients. We, at Medipac, deliver the compassion and respect and that is what makes us diff erent from everyone else.