Letter from the Editor Issue 36

Fall 2000 CSANews Issue 36  |  Posted date : Mar 06, 2007.Back to list

Awarm welcome to Barry Lavalley who has written one of our feature "Lifestyle" articles this issue and, of course, we always turn to Dave Hunter, the author of Along the I75, for driving tips and routes to our Southern destinations at this time of year.

There are three special sections for our Fall editorial which can probably be categorised as advertising supplements. The first is an introduction of the CSA's new Preferred Hotel Program with several new hotel groups, which are looking for our business. Health Plus, the second section, is a wealth of information provided to us by several of the major drug manufacturer's. I found each article's contents to be both interesting and enlightening. Hopefully we can bring you even more of this kind of educational information in future issues.

The third section a separate booklet titled Retire Well, Die Rich and Tax-Free is sponsored by Dundee Wealth Management and is included in your CSANews mailing package. In it Jerry White our finance columnist, outlines some of his and other experts ideas on creating and preserving our hard earned money is a must read for everyone and I found that it forces you to think about your money and assets in different ways than we normally do.

To start this travel season properly, I am going to send three letters to my government representatives as recommended in the Government Report. I hope that you will do the same. The government will accept our advice for free and no postage is necessary. If enough snowbirds do the same they may even ACT on our advice. CSA logo solo/small

J. Ross Quigley