Work at Home, Make a Million...Not a Chance

Fall 2000 CSANews Issue 36  |  Posted date : Mar 06, 2007.Back to list

You've seen the ads offering great sums of money for you to work from legitimate are they?

Many are scams targeting those who can least afford it ­ stay-at-home mothers, the elderly and those who are handicapped. Most claim that no experience is necessary and almost all require a purchase in order to start the job.

Probably, the most common kind of work-at-home scheme is envelope stuffing. What you'll receive for your fee are photocopied instructions for you to place an advertisement similar to the one you answered. Basically, to make any money you'll have to con someone else.

Another work-at-home scheme offers ideas (for a price) about setting up a home business, or provides you with materials (again, for a price) to enable you to produce a specific item, such as a holiday centrepiece. What you're not told is that it's up to you to find a buyer ­ the company has no interest in selling these for you ­ they've already sold YOU the materials.

If the company DOES offer to purchase the completed item, look for the small print. Is there a stipulation about the items meeting their "exacting standards"? Guaranteed, nothing that you send them will be good enough, and you'll have a basement full of useless items.