Fast Facts Issue 36

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You can find information on just about anything on the Internet. The following is just a sample of what can be found when you use a search engine and a little curiosity.

  • If you thought that Florida was THE sunshine state, Arizona's looking pretty sunny too. Phoenix averages 211 days of sunshine per year. An additional 85 days per year are only partly cloudy, leaving an average of 69 cloudy or rainy days.
  • The majestic saguaro cactus takes anywhere from 50 to 100 years to grow an arm.
  • Texas is a must-see for any history buffs...with approximately 11,500 historical markers. It would take a snowbird many seasons to enjoy seeing all the historic courthouses, frontier forts, Spanish missions and presidios, cemeteries, churches, historic homes and buildings, Texas Revolution battle sites, and more.
  • Did you know that Florida has a state beverage? Orange juice (not a big surprise!) was proclaimed as the official state beverage by the 1967 Legislature.
  • You may know the famous refrain, but the state song of Florida is really named, "Old Folks at Home" ("Upon the Suwannee River") by Stephen Collins Foster.
When you're driving, keep looking far down the road ahead of you and keep your eyes moving to spot any problems before you reach them. Check your mirrors frequently.

A good way to tell if you're too tired to drive is if your eyes start to stay focused on one spot. If you find this happening, it's time to switch drivers or stop for some rest.

Refrigerating your homemade soups is the easiest way of removing congeals and rises to the surface. If you don't have time, here's another way: simply drop ice cubes into the pot. The fat will cling to the cubes as you stir. You can also wrap the ice cubes in cheesecloth or paper towel and skim over the top of the pot.

If a thunderstorm strikes, there are some safety rules you should keep in mind...and put into practice. When you're inside, avoid using electrical appliances (including the telephone) except for emergencies. If you're outside, find shelter immediately. A building or a vehicle (not a convertible) with the windows rolled up will offer protection. It's imperative that swimmers and boaters get out of the water and find shelter away from the water. As lightning strikes tall objects, never stand under isolated trees.

Canada's embassies, high commissions and consulates abroad offer 24-hour assistance to Canadians in need, to help them with medical and other emergencies. If you run into a problem, call the nearest Canadian mission, or make a collect call to DFAIT in Ottawa at (613) 996-8885.