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Summer 2000 CSANews Issue 35  |  Posted date : Mar 05, 2007.Back to list

With the passing of the torch from the old millennium to the new, all the predictions of calamity, destruction and catastrophes did not come to pass, so everyone carried on business as usual. But, for those of us in the business world, business as usual has, and will, dramatically change.

The reason for this is not interest rates, governments, global warming or the thinning ozone layer that protects Mother Earth. It is an explosive platform for communicating that we all know as the INTERNET. An idea that was originally developed for academics has changed the way companies sell their products and service their customers so dramatically, that we wonder how we ever did without it. The traditional "bricks and mortar" companies are quickly becoming, as the cliché goes, "clicks and mortar" companies.

Even your humble CSA launched our Web presence with AOL over two years ago. In those two years, we have seen a dramatic rise in our members' use of the site for information and for communicating with the CSA staff. The Board of Directors have also become Internet "literate" to help control costs.

On July 1, 2000, the CSA went beyond the boundaries of AOL and opened up the CSA world to everyone on the World Wide Web (alias www). We continue to enjoy our AOL relationship and we still believe it is your best platform for Internet use, but we do need to provide access to our site for those folks who are not members of AOL.

Well, we're here. Well, technically, we're everywhere. www.snowbirds.org.

That's our Web site address. Come on by and pay us a visit. If you are actually reading this article on our site, then look around and see what else catches your fancy. Did you know that you can now download applications, or apply online for CSA Membership, Change of Address or CSA's Auto Club, and the ever-popular Currency Exchange Program. And, very importantly, you can also view or download Medipac's current Travel Medical Insurance Guide and Travel Medical Insurance Application.

You can keep abreast of all the Extravaganzas, Information Meetings and Seminars held north and south of the border. For those of you in the southern Ontario region, keep September 12th open, because that is the date of Snowbird Extravaganza North.

Visit our lifestyle links page, where we take you to several external sites of interest. Just remember that you can, and sometimes will, get lost in the many layers of windows that are used by many other sites. To help you out of this dilemma, when you link out of the CSA site, we leave a small frame under your browser toolbar to get you back to our CSA home page.

This last century, the television was awarded top honors for being the single technological development that most affected society. It offered a revolutionary vehicle for communicating to the masses.

This century, the Internet will surely win top honors.

The reason ­ it's two-way communication. You no longer have to just sit there and watch and listen. Now you can ask questions, request information, respond to requests, and have a response in seconds... well, maybe minutes... well, maybe longer, depending on what you ask for or who you ask.

How often have you ever wanted information on a subject, an event or, for that matter, anything at all, and were unsure where to go or who to call. You might have found yourself spending hours on the telephone being passed around from one person to the next, but never to the right person. Or worse, driving around in the heat of August or the cold of February looking for the perfect gift ... lamp ... table ... thing...

Now, from the comfort of your home, you can search the Internet and find myriad information sources to satisfy your need(s). One of my neighbours, who finds it difficult to shop with her three kids, uses the Internet to shop for groceries and, sure enough, has them delivered within 24 hours.

I'm sure you'll be able to satisfy some of your personal and special needs online. Whether you're an active senior with a desire to seek out new and exciting ways to fill your day, or for a more leisurely route, you'll be able to source an infinite array of possibilities online.

If you haven't had the online experience yet, ask your friends and neighbours who are active online, what they think about the technology. Was it worth investing their time and money? What has it done for their lives?