CSA AGM Report 2000

Summer 2000 CSANews Issue 35  |  Posted date : Mar 05, 2007.Back to list

The Canadian Snowbird Association reached another milestone when the annual general meeting was held on the second day of the Extravaganza in Tampa, Fla. on Jan. 23,2000. Ronnie and Glory-Ann Prophet opened the meeting with both the Canadian and American national anthems.

First, vice-president Kay Jeanneret welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the new century. She spoke briefly about the historical background of the association and introduced past presidents Jack Parry and Don Slinger, who were loudly applauded by the audience.

President Robert Jackson spoke briefly about the activities of the association over the past year and thanked the board members and their spouses, the executive director, and staff in the CSA office for all their support and dedication. The treasurer, Alex Scott, and financial manager, Gabriel Ponikowski, presented the financial report, which showed that the organization is on a steady course despite some increased costs due to the the low Canadian dollar.

Paul Jenkins presented the government relations committee report, discussing several beneficial changes that CSA helped bring about during the past year and talking about future goals. Reports were also presented by executive director Carol Robertson; the President of Medipac International; Wallace Weylie, CSA legal counsel; and Ross Quigley, CEO of Medipac International.

Guest speaker was Cam Jackson, minister of tourism for Ontario, who talked about the close relationship between Canada and the United States and our need for better, friendlier and more open policies at the border for those who travel between the two countries. He also said that he would be pleased to co-operate in developing CSA's Bill of Rights.

Three directors who have dedicated their time and effort to the CSA were honoured on their retirement. Plaques and flowers were presented to Harry Kreuger, retiring Saskatchewan director, and his wife, Jean. Rene Piche and wife, Olga, from Ontario and Ewald Westergard and his wife, Elizabeth from British Columbia were not able to attend, but were also recognized at the meeting. Plaques were sent to them.

Gerry Brissenden, of Ontario was the new director joining the Board through the nomination and acclamation process. Gerry and his wife, Joan, were introduced by Jack Parry and welcomed by president Bob Jackson.

President Jackson, who remains in office for his second term, spoke briefly about the importance of CSA and the need to continually increase membership. He pledged a strong platform to fight for the rights of travelling Canadians from all provinces and territories. As well, he encouraged all members to continue their dedicated support. He thanked everyone present for attending the annual meeting and those who couldn't attend for participating in the meeting by proxy. He thanked Medipac International for all the support they have given over the years and, in closing, he encouraged everyone to enjoy the rest of the great Extravaganza, seminars and entertainment.