ATM Safety

Summer 2000 CSANews Issue 35  |  Posted date : Mar 05, 2007.Back to list

You're in a large mall using an automatic teller machine. How secure are you, really? If you approach the machine and then start fishing in your purse or pockets for your wallet, you're setting yourself up for theft.

Be prepared for your visit to the ATM. Have your card and other documents ready and easily accessible. If you approach the machine and you're not comfortable with people in the vicinity, keep walking and try again later. Better yet, try a different location altogether.

As comfortable as we are with counting money received from a live teller, counting your cash at an ATM isn't a safe practice to adopt. Take your cash, your card and your receipt and leave the area ­ a "counting" customer becomes a target for thieves, because his or her attention is no longer on the surroundings, but rather on the job at hand.