Sorry, but you need a Green Card!

Winter 1999 CSANews Issue 34  |  Posted date : Mar 04, 2007.Back to list

My previous column about my working at Walt Disney World last summer generated quite a few phone calls about the legality of a Canadian snowbird working 'part time' in the U.S. The callers wanted to know if they could become 'Cast Members' (that's what Disney calls employees) while wintering near a Disney attraction. The folks at Disney like to hire part-time workers, especially retirees since they avoid having to provide employee benefits, except for free passes, therefore saving a bundle of money. And also, because we're reliable hard workers who show up for work and on time. Don't get me wrong. I'm not implying that they're doing something illegal, in fact, most of the fast-food chains and major discount department stores are now hiring part-time retirees for exactly the same reason. Sorry, but as a Canadian snowbird you must have a 'Green Card' to join Mickey and his friends unless, of course, you're simply visiting for a day or so. Guess what, now I'm going to get calls asking me, 'how do I get a Green Card'' Don't--it's an almost impossible task.

Sally and I want you to join us!
Bill, have you or your charming wife Sally visited Branson, Missouri,? asked the President of Medipac International. 'No,' I replied, 'but since I'm the Master of Ceremonies at the Branson Theatre at the Snowbird Extravaganza North, it would be nice to have hands-on experience at one of the world's best entertainment capitals.' 'You're right,' Mark said, 'so consider it a done deal--the two of you are going!'

Yeah, sure Mark, there's got be a catch to this offer, right' Not really, he simply wants us to be the congenial hosts for a special eight-day group trip to Branson. And Sally and I aren't new to the 'hosting' business; we conducted special cruises for seven straight years for readers and their friends of my former newspaper. But we're excited about hosting this trip to Branson since it offers us another opportunity to meet people, travel and, oh yes, have a truly enjoyable time.

Branson is situated in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Missouri, where we will sit back and enjoy Branson Fest, the most exciting week of the theatre season! For five action-filled days, we'll enjoy non-stop entertainment and down-home hospitality in a fair-like atmosphere. Every afternoon, we'll have the opportunity to see all of Branson's acts, as the Lawrence Welk Champagne Theatre hosts a different full-length variety show. Of course, we'll see other great shows in their entirety, such as Lost in the '50s at the Starlite Theatre (I'm looking forward to this show), Country Tonite, the hottest live country music show in the USA, Jennifer Wilson, Barbara Fairchild, Remember When (for us old-timers) and a host of other top entertainers.

Talk about convenience. We'll be staying at the Atrium Inn, one of Branson's finest, and located in the heart of the entertainment theatre district where there are more than 20 music shows within a one-mile radius of the Inn. Each morning, after we enjoy a delicious continental breakfast, we can set out into the action because we're in the centre of it. Nice eh?

In addition to the great shows, we will also enjoy other activities such as an Expo Tent, autograph sessions 'with the stars,' contests and giveaways, plus a sample of authentic Branson Fare. Let's not forget dining, there's nothing more important, is there? The package includes a dinner buffet at Paradise Grill or the Golden Corral, two of Branson's popular eateries.

Sally and I know that this is going to be an exciting adventure and we want you to join us. So, for our Florida winter residents, Canadian snowbirds and their American friends, we've arranged for a luxurious, half-million dollar motor coach to depart from Tampa on March 27 (through April 4), 2000. So c'mon, join us for this fun-filled vacation before you head home to Canada. For more information, simply call Central Florida Transit at (941) 665-8155.