Dollars and Sense Issu 34

Winter 1999 CSANews Issue 34  |  Posted date : Mar 04, 2007.Back to list

We started the 1999 CSA seminar season in May, knowing full well that after out-of-country health care issues, taxation, retirement income, and estate planning follow closely in terms of importance to members.

We conducted nearly 50 seminars from Halifax to Victoria in 1999, with attendance averaging 280 people per seminar. The response was amazing in many ways.

First, it was a great chance for people to see and visit with friends who they might otherwise see only in the south. The opportunity to learn about all the CSA membership benefits stimulated a significant number of new members and let the CSA directors in each province meet and greet their members.

The most frequently asked questions were about:
  • The new U.S. Retiree VISA Act and permanent U.S. residency.
  • New ways to have a better cash flow with less risk, in light of low interest rates.
  • How to protect the estate on death and pay the taxes without the liquidation of assets.
  • How to build assets that can be left to the family tax-free.
  • The role of the financial advisor in the process of estate planning.
  • Canada/U.S. income tax and estate issues.
  • Powers of Attorney and the state of Florida.
  • Living in a tax- and estate tax-free state.
  • Avoiding pension clawbacks on old age security.
  • How the economy was doing in each province.
Nearly 7,500 people took advantage of the free 'no-cost, no-obligation' financial review and the hottest item of interest was Universal Life insurance.

The series pointed out that estate planning was about life, for the living, your lifestyle, and your cash flow, tax planning 52 weeks a year, and how to transfer the estate to the next generation at the lowest tax cost.

We'll continue this program, The Estate Imperative, with the Extravaganzas in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California this winter.

For the spring-summer 2000 season, we plan to do 50 more events at locations near you. We will have new books, new information handouts and audio books. All of this is part of the great benefit of being a CSA member. No one does more about these issues for you and no one will do it better than the CSA.