The Perils of Polly

Winter 1999 CSANews Issue 34  |  Posted date : Mar 04, 2007.Back to list

We recently received a letter from a member who had encountered problems while trying to cross into the U.S. with his pet parrot. Crossing with a bird carries different requirements than crossing with a dog or cat.

Anyone importing a pet bird from Canada through any of the designated U.S.-Canadian land border ports is required to present a current veterinary health certificate for the bird signed by a Canadian veterinarian within 30 days of the date of importation. In addition, all pet birds imported from Canada are subject to inspection at the port of entry. Most land border ports are not routinely staffed by full-time veterinarians, and the hours of service and availability for veterinary inspections vary from port to port. The importer must contact the port at least three to five days prior to entry, in order to ensure the availability of the port veterinarian.

Birds being imported by boat or air are also required to have a USDA import permit (VS form 17-129). The permit may be obtained by calling USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Services, National Center for Import and Export at (301) 7347-4704.