Letter from the Editor Issue 33

Fall 1999 CSANews Issue 33  |  Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.Back to list

Happy Thanksgiving! It has just occurred to me that many snowbirds have the rare pleasure of celebrating Thanksgiving Day twice, once in Canada and once in the United States. This is certainly the most beautiful time of year with the spectacular colour changes and the excitement of moving to our new old home in the south or preparing to travel to new and interesting places. We are lucky people, indeed!

Between these two holidays falls an even more important day. Remembrance Day. We have made it this far in life and enjoy freedoms of which people in other countries can only dream, due to the sacrifices of others. The wars that were fought and the battles, won and lost, often seem far, far behind us here in Canada, but every wonderful day we experience can be traced to those veterans who helped to shape and protect our lives.

As we start our new journeys, we thought it appropriate to have Don Slinger outline a few of the items that appear on his pre-travel checklist, which you can find on page 18. Dave Hunter, author of "Along the I-75" and one of our regular contributing writers, has also found some interesting ideas on how to conserve your Canadian dollars in the land of the mighty U.S. buck (see page 22). Our letters to the editor are very interesting this issue and, of course, Snowbird Alert has some of the things you should be watching for to avoid pitfalls.

We get literally hundreds and hundreds of your letters between issues and more hundreds of e-mails every month. It is physically impossible for our staff (and myself, for that matter) to respond, properly, to them all. Every single one is read and appreciated for its thoughtful suggestions, information and, yes, even occasional criticism. One of the things we find the most rewarding is that so many of our readers care enough to share their thoughts and experiences with us. We can truly say "Thank You!" at this time of Thanksgiving -- twice.

J. Ross Quigley,