Phony Phone Messages

Fall 1999 CSANews Issue 33  |  Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.Back to list

We all (hopefully) know that when we call a 1-900 number, our telephone company will charge us on our phone bill, usually on a per-minute basis. Charges can be as high as $10 per minute for services ranging from fortune-tellers to health-care advice. Unfortunately, in the Caribbean and other parts of the world, it is not a requirement to use a 1-900 number if you are charging this per-minute rate.

The newest scam is to leave an urgent telephone message for you referring to the loss of your credit rating. When you return the call, they try and keep you on the line as long as possible more time, more money for them. We recommend that you do not return long-distance telephone messages unless you know who the call is from. Be especially vigilant on calls from area code 809.