Travelling On Line

Fall 1999 CSANews Issue 33  |  Posted date : Mar 03, 2007.Back to list

This year, when making your list of 'Things to do before I leave,' be sure to include 'Set up Computer.' As with many things, a little advance preparation will make it much easier to get logged on when you arrive at your winter destination. If you are using AOL Canada, a complete list of all Canadian, U.S. and international access numbers can be found online at keyword 'ACCESS.' If you don't use AOL, you should contact your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask if they have any arrangements made for roaming access. Most don't. The only ISP I am aware of that provides North American access besides AOL Canada is IBM GlobalNet. If you use IBM GlobalNet, a complete list of local access numbers is conveniently included right in the dialer program.

If you are using AOL while travelling, you can plug in the local access number for your destination and automatically have it ready to go when you arrive. It is best to do this before you leave home. If you use a laptop and travel to a variety of places, you should set up locations for every spot you intend to visit. You can create an unlimited number of location setups on AOL.

To Create a New Location File to Store Alternate Access Numbers On AOL:
  1. While online, check at keyword 'ACCESS' for the numbers you will need in your locations. Exit AOL.
  2. At the Sign On screen, click Setup.
  3. Click Create Location.
  4. Delete the default name 'New Locality' and type a name for the new location file. For example: 'Joe's Second Number,' 'Winter Home' or even 'Home #2.'
  5. Type local access number(s) in the Phone Number field(s).
  6. Verify that the correct network is selected for each local access number you are using. For example: AOLnet if you are in North America.
  7. Verify that the appropriate speed is selected for the new number and your modem. Select the highest rate at which your modem can transmit data, up to 56,600 bps for AOLnet numbers.
  8. Choose your Call Waiting and Outside Line options.
  9. Click Save.
Now each time you see the AOL Canada Setup & Sign On window, you can select your location and be connected immediately to AOL Canada. And remember, AOL Canada members can access AOL from any local dial-up number in North America without incurring any additional charges.

In the next issue of CSA News, I will be highlighting unique and interesting Web sites. If you encounter any sites that you believe would be of interest to others, please e-mail me at