CSA Ontario License Plate


*This print is for concept only. Colours and resolution of production plates may differ from print.

The Canadian Snowbird Association is proud to present the CSA Graphic License Plate Program for CSA members that are Ontario residents. 

Support the snowbird and travelling Canadian lifestyles by proudly displaying, on your Ontario license plate, the official logo of the Canadian Snowbird Association.

When you travel throughout Canada and the U.S., other travelling Canadians will see the CSA logo on your license plate. Our hope is that these people will express interest in the association and its very important activities:

The Canadian Snowbird Association is dedicated to
actively defending and improving the rights and
privileges of travelling Canadians.

The CSA has “pre-made” a number of CSA Graphic License Plates for immediate sale to members of the public.  There is no prerequisite to be a CSA Member to purchase these plates.

These Graphic License Plates have predetermined digits, ranging from "01CS01" through "01CS99" and "02CS01" through "02CS99".

How Do I Order My CSA Graphic License Plate?

CSA Graphic License Plates are for sale from the CSA at a cost of $82.15 CAD (including HST).

Add $7.50 for shipping and handling for mail orders. There is no additional charge when picking up your CSA plates at our office.

To place an order with a credit card, call 1-800-265-3200.
NOTE: If you are travelling soon, this is the fastest way to order your own CSA Plate.

To place an order by mail, send full payment and the name and address of the recipient (end user) of the CSA Graphic License Plate.

Cheques should be made payable to:

Canadian Snowbird Association
180 Lesmill Rd.
Toronto, On M3B 2T5

*When placing your order include full payment and the name and address of the Graphic License Plate’s recipient (purchaser may be different). If mailing address is different from that of the purchaser or recipient, please include such information, as well.

**You should allow for 4 - 6 weeks for delivery by mail. Although, we should be able to mail out plates within a few business days after receiving an order.

General Information

CSA Graphic License Plates are currently owned by the Canadian Snowbird Association.  Upon purchase of a plate from the CSA, ownership of the plate will be transferred to the new owner.

The purchaser does not have to be the recipient of the Graphic License Plate.  The ownership can be transferred to a named third party such as a friend or spouse as a gift.

We do not require the Driver’s License number of the Graphic License Plate recipient. 

We do not require the vehicle identification or registration information.

Validation Stickers

Graphic License Plates are the same as regular license plates in that they require annual validation stickers (tags) to be properly licensed. The cost of validation stickers are the responsibility of the new owner. Validation stickers are not included with a purchase of CSA Graphic License Plates.

Any time remaining on current validation tags will be credited towards the cost of tags for the Graphic License Plate.  For example, if a person renewed their license plate tags in November for a twelve month term, then new tags will be issued to them with a concurrent expiry date for no additional charge.


In order to affix the Graphic License Plates to a vehicle the recipient will have to take the following items to a Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office.

  • Transfer Letter
  • Vehicle Permit
  • Valid Insurance Information
  • Current Plates

The plates will then be registered to the recipient’s vehicle of choice.

There is no administration fee payable to transfer these Graphic License Plates to a vehicle that is legally plated in Ontario.

Personalized Graphic License Plates

Personalized CSA Graphic License Plates are only available from the Ministry of Transportation or the Service Ontario website for a cost of $336.40 (including HST).

  • At Driver and Vehicle License issuing offices
  • By calling 1-800-AUTO-PL8 (288-6758)
  • Online at the Service Ontario website: www.ServiceOntario.ca

Only six digits can be used in a Personalized Graphic License Plate.
For example: GR8DVR or CSAUSA.