CSANews 73

Winter 2009 » Issue 73

Things are hopping in our snowbird community. We have a new CSA director in Marianna Pupulin, Medipac Assist has hired a new doctor (that makes five) to help with the ever-increasing number of snowbirds we take care of, and the weather in most parts of Canada is still very warm and Indian summer-like. What is going to happen when the snow flies and the ice clogs our eavestroughs, our sidewalks and our roads? I will tell you what will happen – there will be a last-minute rush of snowbirds who say to themselves..."Maybe we should go South, after all." Medipac is ready for you.

A few cheques crossed my desk for signature yesterday and two were payable to Rita MacNeil and Bowser and Blue, among several others. Our Extravaganzas are going to be a knockout this year and we hope that you can join us for the fun. Lots of "experts" will be available to advise you about every area of your snowbird lifestyle and they really know their stuff. They are, of course, the tens of thousands of visitors who pass through our doors; they love to talk, they love to visit and they are the most reliable source of information that you could ever find. And they can tell you what is happening this morning, not what happened last year. Try and fit us into your very busy schedules at the end of January and early February. A full schedule of events can be found later in the magazine.

Before I run off to our Christmas party and then to more CSA meetings, I would like to thank you personally for your incredible support, and our entire Medipac family sends you our very best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and holiday season and a New Year of good health and happiness.

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