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Spring 2017 » Issue 102

I was fortunate enough to attend three of CSA's 25th-anniversary events. The excitement and dedication of all of the people involved was exhilarating. I met members whom I had not seen for several years and it was fun catching up on all of our lives. That is really what all of our events are about - community, and building and nurturing that community. The volunteers were some of the old faithful, but there are always new faces, and talents, every time.

There was one disappointment, but only from an attendance point of view. On the morning of the Ontario picnic, the Fort DeSoto area was caught up in dangerous weather warnings including the possibility of tornadoes. We decided to chance the storm warnings anyway and drove up from Venice to Fort DeSoto, a distance of about 50 miles. It was very stormy and visibility was very poor, but we eventually made it. We drove by several businesses that had their roofs torn off earlier that morning, but it appeared that the tornadoes had passed. When we got to the picnic, our efforts were rewarded by the sun which came out to meet us (and the rain stopped), but it was still pretty cold, even for hearty Canadians. And we, of course, had fun with the 50 or so people who attended. Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers who bravely withstood the elements and made our get-together possible.

You should try and attend one of the 25th-anniversary events in Canada this fall. Lots of information, entertainment, good friends and just good old-fashioned fun. And remember to pick up your CSA 25th Anniversary pin.

Hopefully, a wonderful summer lies ahead…and a tax refund would be nice.


Ross Quigley

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