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As a child, I was enthralled with monkeys and, when I found out that there was an island which was overrun with monkeys, I decided that I had to make plans to visit one day. I have flown over Gibraltar a few times, but have not made it there yet. Pat & I cruised by on a cruise ship a few years ago and I was determined to finally see it. It turned out to be 3:00 a.m. ? in the middle of the night ? and I had fallen asleep. Our story “Surprising Gibraltar” makes me even more determined to get there.

I also have dozens of friends in the Okanagan Valley and I have never been there either. Rex Vogel’s write-up on the Valley, from the RV perspective, just reinforces my desire to visit. Neither of these destinations will affect our U.S. time limits and we will not need those pesky U.S. dollars. So much to see – so much to do.

Just to mention a few thoughts on the rest of our magazine…I am a bridge player and I play a few hands on the computer every day to stay sharp. It is sad to see the younger generation drifting towards the incessant use of iPhones and iPads and their total immersion in Facebook and similar social media applications. They are missing a great opportunity to meet new “real” friends and to challenge their brains.

I totally agree with our finance article’s advice that bonds are, potentially, a very poor investment over the next few years. Interest rates are obviously rising and bonds will lose part of their capital value in this environment. Stay away from them; the total diversification strategy can harm your financial health.

And now for your home remedy idea of the month. Our Health Pulse has a note on leg cramps in this issue and I would like to add that drinking some tonic water (with or without the good stuff) before bed has helped many people. Apparently, the quinine in tonic water acts as a muscle relaxant. Quinine is famous as a treatment for malaria and is made from the bitter bark of remijia or cinchona plants. Try it and, perhaps, you can throw those drugs away.
As a last note, I sleep like a baby every night. Well, except when I have a deadline for the magazine. Enjoy.


Ross Quigley


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