Issue 105

Winter 2017 » Issue 105

What a great year it has been! We have all, hopefully, survived the vicious hurricanes, fires, landslides, upheavals and riots that plagued North America this year and we are looking forward to what 2018 can bring to us as it unfolds.

This past year was, of course, the 25th anniversary of the founding of The Canadian Snowbird Association. Coincidentally, it fell on the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, so our celebrations were doubly blessed.

CSA sponsored more than 20 separate anniversary celebrations in both Canada and the United States, in many different kinds of communities. Combined with our Extravaganzas, Winter Information Meetings and Canadian Lifestyle Presentations, we helped to raise the profile of the CSA with hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of new snowbirds.

Our friends at Medipac pitched in to help celebrate and they provided a $25 discount on all of their snowbird travel insurance policies for this season’s travel. Their Early Bird launch contained a $25 “silver” certificate for every snowbird within a family, which resulted in a real $50 in your pockets. For the Main Season program, they simply reduced every rate by $25 and several other rate reductions were adopted as well.

I think that we should just keep on celebrating. Life is a precious thing to be cherished…and celebrated. Do your part!

Health and Happiness and Safe Travels.


J. Ross Quigley

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