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Summer 2018 » Issue 107

Ah...the lazy days of summer! Well, except for writing CSANews, and weddings, and family picnics, and gardening, and planning our Early Bird travel insurance. But we met our deadlines and all is well.

The dollar exchange rate is behaving badly right now, but we do expect that to normalize over the next few months and we decided to maintain our rate structures. The $25 Silver Anniversary coupon to celebrate with CSA has now been withdrawn, of course. Once the mad dash for our clients to buy the Early Bird package is over, then perhaps those lazy days of summer will finally be here.

Then we can concentrate on getting the ducks out of our pool, and the squirrels out of the cars in the garage, and the raccoons out of the garbage. Did I mention the rabbits chewing on Pat’s plants? We live in the centre of Toronto for heaven’s sake, shouldn’t they really go and live in the country?

We are very, very lucky to have such simple problems. May your problems be simple ones, too. Have a wonderful summer of 2018.

Happy spring!


J. Ross Quigley

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