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Just another day…another dollar.

Well, not quite - actually, it was $30.8 billion dollars. That's with a "B." That was the total sales in ONE DAY for the Chinese special day called "Single's Day." Some bright young (or old) person came up with the idea as a counterpoint to Valentine's Day. Not everyone has a valentine and many people felt left out in the cold. Single's Day has obviously become an unbelievable success. The idea is to go and buy a Valentine's gift for yourself. Who could possibly deny themselves the chance to buy a guilt-free present. I love the idea of Single's Day, even if you do have a valentine.

We should put that in some perspective, though. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the largest sales day in the United States. Total sales - a measly $3.5 billion - still with a "B." I find that incredible and I would imagine that we will all have a new Single's Day to celebrate at some point very soon. It will require some imagination to make it as popular as the Chinese have done. Their day is on November 11 each year and that is our Remembrance Day. Perhaps February 26. That's my birthday and a suitable period following Valentine's Day, so as not to interfere with that celebration.

Everyone in Canada thinks that Boxing Day is our big shopping day of the year. Wrong! Our copycat Black Friday is becoming very successful, however. The sales are just under $1 billion and climbing every year. And Boxing Day - just a tad over half-a-billion dollars. What??? And the busiest shopping day is…December 23, according to the people at Interac − just a tad OVER $1 billion dollars. You last-minute shoppers, like me, must drive our retailers nuts. No wonder there are no parking spaces at the mall when I buy that very thoughtful last-second gift.

I think that we should all make our new Single's Day tomorrow, and treat ourselves and perhaps buy a little something for those less fortunate than ourselves. Have a wonderful holiday season and a New Year that is as successful as Single's Day. May you always live in Asgard!

J. Ross Quigley

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