Issue 110

Spring 2019 » Issue 110

My job jar is full and it is definitely my fault. After a wonderful winter break without red tide, hurricanes or fires to deal with, and with a few games of golf, beach days and exploring under our belts, it is time to pay for my past sins of procrastination.

Before leaving Canada in the fall, there were a few minor jobs that I decided could just wait until we returned from our winter vacation. The excitement of travelling and the task of moving our household for several months seemed to be enough jobs for me, at that time. Now, of course, it is time to pay the piper.

All those little jobs that I had postponed have now morphed into much larger jobs. Fixing that pesky, leaky eavestrough will now entail painting the entire side wall beneath it, which is now heavily stained. Failing to properly cover and protect some of our young trees will now require the purchase of several new ones. And I have to dig the old ones out and replant the new ones. Failing to put out some simple mouse bait means that I now have to clean out the engines of my two cars which we left in the garage. The engine compartments make wonderful homes for both mice and squirrels, and the mess is ridiculous.

I hope that this does not sound familiar, but I suspect that it does. We are all creatures of procrastination and we pay a price for that. Surely, we are smarter than this; perhaps next year will be better.

I am very happy to be home and back among old friends and our wonderful employees. I always miss them. Well…off to the job jar wars!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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