Issue 89

Winter 2013 » Issue 89

This issue is all about Florida, because it is not very often that we get to celebrate a 500th anniversary.

My wife Pat and I recently flew to Sarasota, Florida for a charity event and the moment I walked off the plane, I was overwhelmed with a sense of serenity and well-being. It was like returning home after a long trip, although Florida is, of course, not our home…or maybe it is. We had a wonderful place to stay, were surrounded by dozens of good friends and had an endless number of choices of amazing things to do.

We stayed on for two extra days and went to a flea market, had breakfast outside overlooking the ocean, dropped into the Venice art festival, had lunch at a local yacht club and enjoyed very, very fresh seafood for dinner. We shopped at Stein Mart, dropped by Bealls, bought a few things at Publix grocery store and walked on a beach. How is it possible not to love Florida?

Back in Canada, we just had our first snowfall…which was beautiful…but I really do not need to see much more snow. As we were going into the local mall to get Pat’s glasses fixed, she slipped on a patch of “black” ice but, fortunately, we were holding hands and she recovered before falling.

We will be leaving as soon as we can for our winter sojourn, and not a moment too soon. We hope to see you in Florida and we will also be going West this year for our shows. Another fun winter on the horizon; let’s make the most of it!


J. Ross Quigley


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