CSANews Issue 91

Summer 2014 » Issue 91

What a wonderful response to our survey this year. Thousands of snowbirds took the time to sit down and fill out the questionnaire and, better yet, you sent us hundreds and hundreds of comments on every subject under the sun. I personally read every one of them and we all use your comments and suggestions to improve our service to you and to enhance our programs.

The Internet site also received a strong response rate and we are comparing our answers to see if there is a different perspective from people who gave computer responses to those who sent in written responses. We appreciate the written responses more because you had to pay for a stamp and I would like to thank you for your precious time, as well as for the cost of that stamp. A little later in this issue, we will tell you all about the results.

Again, our thanks for being the best subscribers in the world.


J. Ross Quigley

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