CSANews Issue 93

Winter 2014 » Issue 93

It has been a bit of a tough time since we last talked. My 93-year-old mother passed away peacefully last month after a long and fruitful life helping others. Bruce White, the wonderful husband of CSA’s former president Ellen White, finally had his heart issues catch up to him. And we are all praying for Joan Brissenden, Gerry’s wife and an incredible long-term volunteer for the CSA. She has been hospitalized for almost three months now and is currently in a Barrie, Ontario hospital receiving care. (Needless to say, our column “The Travels of Gerry and Joan” will not appear in this issue.)

On a brighter note, my friend Maureen just finished her 23rd radiation treatment following cancer surgery and is now fine; am I allowed to say cured? She does have a radiation “sunburn,” but that will soon fade away and the cancer will just be a bad memory. Hopefully, a memory that is rarely remembered. There is so much more life to live!

The one sure thing about crisis is that it will bring family and friends together, like a wedding or a birth. It is the natural cycle of life. And right now is the best time of year! It is Christmas and this is the time to celebrate those loyal friends and that wonderful family, even crazy Uncle Al. It is a time of giving, of caring, of being the very best you can be.

It is a time to think of what you can do to make life better for someone…for everyone. And don’t be afraid to go to church, or to synagogue, or to mosque, if you have been away for some time. They will welcome you with open arms. New friends await you.

A new year is beginning. Are you ready? It will be as wonderful as you make it, and I have every confidence that you will make it your best year yet.



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