Issue 96

Fall 2015 » Issue 96

Thank You!! What an overwhelming response to our Early Bird program. It only made sense, of course, as we all knew that rates had to go up again to compensate for the incredibly strong U.S. dollar. You saved about 15% by buying early, so my congratulations.

Our total premium volume increased by more than 20% and we even attracted more than 1,000 brand-new clients; more are coming every day. People are voting for the Medipac program with their pocketbooks and those are the best kind of votes to have.

Ouch! I said the word “vote.” Yes, we all know that an important federal election is looming and the incessant ads and politicking are slowly wearing us down. CSANews has supported politicians of all stripes as long as they supported our aims and goals, but this election is about the future of our country and our prosperity.

My personal decision is to vote for Stephen Harper and his Conservative partners and I strongly recommend that you do so as well. They have handled our economy, our social programs and our international interests with a steady hand, in very difficult times. The spend-and-steal parties in opposition could damage our future in ways not known. If they have a great idea, then I am sure that we can use it and the Green Party can be our conscience.

Canada is a wonderful place in which to live and retire and I believe that we can keep it this way, hopefully forever. Travel safely over the winter, but vote before you go.


In closing, we have received a few letters stating that I have been somewhat disrespectful and flippant with some of my replies and, for this, I apologize if I offended anyone. I have a tendency to just say what I think and I hope that I will be able to continue doing that.

Ross Quigley, Editor


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