Issue 98

Spring 2016 » Issue 98

Every year that goes by, it seems a little harder to leave our winter paradise in Florida. Spring has just begun and the flowers and trees are blooming with promise. The yellow dusting of pollen and its semi-allergic assault on our senses has passed. The March Break crowds, their lineups and the vehicular gridlock seem long gone and everything is peaceful and serene.

I can sense an uncertainty and sadness in our friends as they consider the best day to depart and what route to take if they are driving. There is an obvious reticence to leave, but leave we must! We have been leaving for many years now, and the planning is routine and well organized, but it is still an emotional time as we say our goodbyes to friends and neighbours. Our homes and communities are just a bunch of houses and apartments when we leave, but they will patiently await our return.

But once we turn our eyes and thoughts to the North, there are new challenges, new dreams to chase and new experiences to be had. Another spring awaits with all its splendour and our old friends always return. What a wonderful life we lead.

And I will get those darn taxes filed on time, I promise.

Ross Quigley

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