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Summer 2016 » Issue 99

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I try to nurture some of the child left in me at the fine age of 71 and watching fireworks is one of many things that can still give me that sense of awe and wonder. My older self relates more to the fireworks of the British exit from the European Union and the similar fireworks of the Clinton-Trump battle for the U.S. presidency. I should probably mention the fireworks of “Climate Change,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Gun Control,” the “LGBT Agenda” and “Immigration Reform,” and the list goes on.

But the old expression “May you live in interesting times” is truly applicable to the current world in which we live. It is thought that this expression may have originated in China as a curse and, perhaps, there is some truth to that thought.

But real fireworks are when they blow up things in the sky with magical patterns and amazing colours and sonic booms. Where people scream ‘Wow” and “Amazing” and they actually clap in appreciation of the spectacular light show. Now that is what I really want – an escape to the wonder of childhood through an adult’s eyes, and an all-too-brief respite from our complex world.

Should you ever get the opportunity to attend an international fireworks competition in which different countries present their skills at fireworks, accompanied by classical music, just go!

We are Canadians! We are very, very lucky to live here! And, although a little belated…

Happy Canada Day!

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