CSANews 80

Fall 2011 » Issue 80

A Public Thank You to All Medipac Employees
Medipac is setting new records in almost every area of our business. For the past two months, everyone has been working long hours and into the night – including weekends – to make sure that our Early Bird clients receive the best possible care.
To give you some idea of the workload, we took 2,000 telephone calls last Friday; 95% of the callers wanted to buy Medipac for the upcoming travel season. Our customer service representatives answered familiar questions from our new clients, as well as many excellent questions from our longer-term policyholders. There was every medical combination of drugs and conditions imaginable and our doctors and nurses performed with excellence, under stressful circumstances, as they always do.
Every day last week, we received thousands of applications in the mail and our application review staff was up to the task. Medipac is probably the only company that rigorously reviews every application which we receive, and we look for errors, incomplete information and conflicting medical data. This creates a whole new process called callbacks and I am sure that most of you have received one of our calls over the years looking to clarify some point on your application. Our accounting and processing staff were processing more than one million dollars of premium every day, and are still doing just that. 
It is difficult to say a proper "thank you" to all of these dedicated people, but I 
will try,
THANK YOU!!!!!!!
And another "thank you" is in order to all of you wonderful clients who have allowed us to serve you over the years. Travel safely.

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