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WINTER 2011 | ISSUE 81
J. Ross Quigley
I was going to put a nice Christmasy note here, but
Chris reminded me that this issue has the longest
shelf life of all of our magazines. We give copies
out at all of our southern meetings and picnics in
the U.S. and these can run well into March. He said
that it looks kind of funny wishing them Season’s
Greetings when many snowbirds are preparing for
March break and an infux of grandchildren.
It was a reminder of the ever-faster passage
of time. Why just yesterday, I was giving out
Halloween candy to the kids and eating
Thanksgiving turkey, and then we had more
Thanksgiving turkey to celebrate with the U.S., and
now it is Hannukah and Christmas and another
year is over. These were all wonderful days.
The word around our house is that Grandpa (that’s
me seven times over) never remembers birthdays
or anniversaries. About the only thing I never
forget is my wife’s birthday which, very fortuitously
for me, falls on Valentine’s Day. Even I am not
impervious to the relentless advertising for roses
and diamonds as a reminder. I refuse to bend,
however, and buy orchids and sapphires instead.
So, if you are reading my editor’s note for the frst
time, in March, I would like to remind you that it is
still a NewYear and you should be Happy.
Every day is a birthday and a celebration of life, and
it is up to you and me to make sure that we enjoy
every single day of our lives. In a perfect world,
I can pass you an extra copy of this magazine at
one of our many events and we can enjoy another
perfect day.
We acknowledge the financial support of the Government
of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund of the
Department of Canadian Heritage.