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Make Border Crossing a BreezeWith NEXUS
NEXUS is a joint venture between the
Canada Border Services Agency and U.S.
Customs and Border Protection intended to
simplify border crossing for members, while
enhancing security.
If you are a Canadian or U.S. citizen or permanent resident who
frequently travels back and forth between Canada and the
United States, you could beneft from carrying a NEXUS card.
Designed for low-risk, pre-approved travellers, NEXUS cards
make cross-border travel easier and faster. Membership will
enable you to save time by using automated self-serve kiosks
in dedicated areas at designated international airports, using
designated lanes at the land border, and/or reporting to border
services ofcers by phone in advance of your arrival in the
marine mode of transportation.
To become a member of NEXUS:
obtain an application form by visiting
r by picking up an application form at an
enrolment centre located in a major Canadian
international airport;
complete and submit the application form either
electronically or by mail;
the application will be reviewed and, if the criteria are
met, you will be invited for an interview; and
upon successful completion of the application process,
you will be issued a NEXUS membership card.
Always carry your NEXUS card when you travel. Remember
that you must possess ofcial travel documents, such as your
passport, when travelling by air. Be aware of your personal
exemptions, which can be found at
The Retired Persons’Visa
The CSA Special Action Fund Needs You!
The Canadian Snowbird Association has been
making tremendous inroads with the United
States Congress in their advocacy eforts to
convince the U.S. government to allow Cana-
dians to spend more than six months in the
United States in a 12-month period.
The initiative is called the “Retired Persons’Visa.”
If adopted as proposed, it would allow quali-
fed and pre-approved Canadians to spend up
to 240 days in the United States and it would
be renewable every three years. There will be
specifc parameters which will have to be met
by each applicant in order to qualify, if this new
legislation is adopted.
The time for action is now, and we have many
more politicians in Washington who need to
be brought up to speed on this issue that is of
tremendous importance for many Canadian
That is where you come in. The CSA Special
Action Fund is used exclusively for government
lobbying and advocacy
work. If you believe that
the Retired Persons’Visa
will make the snowbird
lifestyle more meaningful
for you and for others,
donate to the Special
Action Fund today and
support the work that
will make the Retired
Persons’Visa a reality.
Pinellas County Parks Instituting Parking Fees in 2012
After much speculation and many protests from Pinellas
County residents and visitors, Pinellas County ofcials have
voted to go ahead with a $5-per-car parking fee at Fort
DeSoto Park and Howard Park.
The fee is slated to start in January of 2012, however the
exact date on which it will become efective depends
on when the parking meter machines are received and
Annual parking passes covering Fort DeSoto Park,
Howard Park and Sand Key Park can be purchased for $55
for seniors over 65 at the county’s Parks & Conservation
Resources Ofce in Largo, or at the administrative ofce at
Fort De Soto.
For more information and updates, visit the Pinellas
County Parks & Conservation Resources website at
Fort DeSoto Park is one of the most popular destinations
for wintering snowbirds’ provincial picnics.