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hite guilt is a terrible thing to waste. This is some-
thing that became profoundly clear during the trial of
Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya and their son
Hamed earlier this year. Although the case was shocking, it was in
fact only the most recent of a dozen murders in the last 12 years,
most involving Muslim patriarchs killing young girls who wanted
to be horribly western by wearing nice clothes, doing nice things.
This brings us to the greater point here, with more long-term
consequences than this single repugnant case. The authorities –
be they police, politicians, social workers, media – are obsessed
with appearing to be non-judgmental when Islam is concerned,
partly out of a fear of being accused of Islamaphobia, but also
because they genuinely believe that the white, Christian west
has more to learn from Islam than the reverse. The Shafia girls
had pleaded with their teachers for help and, while front-line
social workers acknowledged that the situation was potentially
disastrous, these concerns evaporated as soon as they reached
middle management. So Mohammad Shafia, who had written of
his daughters that he hoped “the devil shits on their graves”was,
effectively, permitted to commit mass murder.
Even months later, commentators are embarrassingly, cring-
ingly reluctant to link the crime in any way with Islam, and it is
described as domestic violence. No! This was not domestic vio-
lence, but yet another example of an Islamic psychosis that has
its epicentre in Pakistan, but extends to most parts of the Islamic
heartland, and to many in the Muslim diaspora. It’s a self-evident
truth that not all Muslims behave so brutally, but it’s also undeni-
able that Islam teaches that a woman is the property of a father,
and then a husband. Most fathers and husbands are kind but, if
they are not, they are empowered by Koranic teaching and the
prism of Sharia law to behave pretty much as they like.
While it’s true that honour killings are not exclusively Muslim,
Islam is the only faith that boasts textual defence and sacred
justification for such grotesque acts. When 16-year-old Aqsa
Parvez was murdered in a 2007 honour killing by her Pakistani
father and brother, CAIR Canada told the gullible that, “it’s im-
portant not to generalize. There are cases of violence across all
faiths and all cultures.”That was rubbish, but worse than Muslim
extremists hiding the truth are non-Muslims embracing lies with-
out question. We saw this during the Parisian riots, when mobs
of overwhelmingly Muslim youths beat and torched their way
through the city, often screaming “Allahu Akbar.” Yet they were
almost never described as being Muslim by the media. So dif-
ferent from when the Norwegian killer Anders Behring Breivik, a
freemason who wrote that he had no relationship with God and
had not attended a church in 15 years, was repeatedly defined as
a “Christian fundamentalist” on international television.
Similar are gangs of young Asian men in England who groom
women to be sexual commodities. The fact that they are invari-
ably Muslim suddenly becomes irrelevant to journalists, who oth-
erwise assume every background detail to be essential to a good
news report. In the United States, President Obama played this
game of obscene hide-and-seek when he dealt with Major Nidal
Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist who killed 13 colleagues
and wounded dozens more. Even though Hasan identified him-
self as a Muslim radical and told friends that it was the duty of
a Muslim to wage war against the U.S. Army, Obama refused to
refer to the man’s religion.
He has gone further. Under the current administration and, to
a degree, even under his predecessor, moderate Muslims have
been marginalized and almost excluded from the political estab-
lishment and halls of power. It’s the racism of lowered expecta-
tions. Fundamentalist organizations have convinced white liber-
als that only activists with beards or burkas are genuine Muslims,
and that to think otherwise is colonial and patronizing.
Then we have the sugar-coating approach. The CBC produces
Little Mosque on the Prairie. The imam is a handsome, progres-
sive young man with a liberated, pretty wife. His fellow Muslims
are fun-loving and tolerant, unlike the local Christian preacher,
who is a bigoted ignoramus, or the conservative radio talk-show
host, who screams all the time. The achingly bland show has
been sold across the world but, oddly enough, no episode about
honour killings or female genital mutilation has so far beenmade.
There will be more honour killings, and more wretched Shafia
girls murdered merely for being who they are. The killers can
be dealt with, but not their politically correct enablers.
There’s something terribly unjust about that.
Michael Coren
on the set of his
nightly television show.
Michael Coren