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Author Marsha Spink extols the benefits of RV travel. “You
can go where you want, when you want, with all the com-
forts of home. A clean washroom is always close at hand…
and you can take your pet.” She also addresses the chal-
lenges and complexities of customs, clubs and campground
memberships, and choosing a “rig.” For snowbirds, room
for six for cocktails, four for dinner, and two for sleeping is
considered ideal.
An interesting feature describes the flight paths to the
sunbelt from different areas of Canada, with details on rest
areas, supersize gas stations, Wal-Marts (snowbird-friendly)
and even casinos. From Vancouver, it’s I-5 to California. From
Alberta, I-15 is an extension of Alberta’s Highway 14. I-75
and I-95 are the main escape routes from the eastern states
and provinces to Florida. Spink strongly recommends that
prospective travellers buy “Along Interstate 75” by our old
friend Dave Hunter. It truly makes “getting there” a pleasure.
The RV snowbird community is described as former doctors,
teachers, plumbers, farmers and sanitation engineers from
across Canada and the northern U.S. Retired RVers rarely
talk about their occupations in their previous lives. They put
out the awning, patio mat and folding chairs and become
part of a community with frequent happy hours and potluck
dinners. It’s a classless society.
I particularly enjoyed Marsha’s hand-
drawn maps and pithy observations
about each of the snowbird sunbelt
destinations. She’s not an alarmist,
but she does advise Canadians
to be aware of the American gun
culture, where little libraries post a
“No Firearms” sign on the door, and
bumper stickers read, “I’d rather
be judged by 12 than carried by 6” or “If this is snowbird
season, can we shoot them?” You should consider this
before you give an incompetent driver the finger on a U.S.
highway. There’s also a serious warning about overnighting
at highway rest areas and other isolated locations. Canadians
are particularly vulnerable, as their licence plates indicate
“‘well-to-do’ tourists with no firearms on board.”
In addition to the U.S. snowbird hotspots, the Spinks de-
scribe their RV adventures in Mexico, New Zealand and the
two years they spent in Canada’s winter tropics – Parksville,
RV Snowbirding 101 is a compelling read and a must
for the prospective RVer.
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