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Answers from page 52
The award winners for 2012 are:
CSA President’s Award Honourees
Instituted in 2003, the association has created an annual president’s award – to be
presented at the annual general meeting or other suitable event – to recognize
members who have served the association in an outstanding volunteer capacity,
thereby making a significant contribution to the success of the association.
The award is a beautiful etched-glass sculpture.
Sharon and Ken Bulmer
Spring Bay, ON & Lakeland, FL
Morris and Barbara Hand
Meaford, ON & Lakeland, FL
Belinda Harris
Paris, ON & Lakeland, FL
Ray Borlee
Edmonton, AB & Yuma, AZ
Rex Vogel
CSANews columnist
Liberal MP Justin Trudeau stepped
into the boxing ring on March 31
and easily defeated tough-guy Tory
Senator Patrick Brazeau in a bout to
raise money for charity.
Thomas Mulcair is the new leader
of the official Opposition after
winning the job as leader of the
federal New Democratic Party at a
March 2012 leadership convention.
Mulcair is an NDP member now
but, when he first entered politics
in Quebec in 1994, he was a Liberal
representing the riding of Chomedey.
CBC TV News Network show
Connect with Mark Kelley and CBC
Radio One’s Dispatches foreign-news
program were canned due to cuts in
the March 2012 federal budget.
By eliminating the penny in the
budget, Ottawa expects to save
taxpayers $11 million a year. Penny
production ended in April. It costs
$11 million to manufacture and
distribute $6.9-million worth of
Thanks to changes in the budget,
if you were born in August 1958, you
will be eligible for Old Age Security
when you are 65 years, three months
old. If you were born on Feb. 1, 1962
or later, you will be eligible for OAS
when you turn 67.
MPs qualify for a pension after six
years and can start collecting at age
If Stephen Harper, now 52, stays in
office until 2015, he will be eligible
for a pension of at least $223,500 a
The Conservatives want 65 F-35
Joint Strike Fighter jets at a cost of
about $15 billion, but critics say that
the cost will be at least another $10
Election results in seven federal
ridings are being challenged in court
because of a series of robotic calls
that tried to misdirect voters in last
year’s election to incorrect polling
After a federal byelection on March
19, Toronto-Danforth, the late Jack
Layton’s riding, easily stayed in the
NDP fold when Craig Scott won
almost 60 per cent of the vote.
Stephen Harper appointed seven
people to the Senate in January,
including Ottawa police Chief Vern
White, top cop in the nation’s capital
since 2007.
The new Ontario budget in March
proposed 25 new or larger LCBO
The budget also proposed a means
test for seniors to qualify for the
Ontario Drug Benefit based on net
household income.
Since You’ve Been Gone
What’s been going on in Canadian politics while snowbirds have been in the south
By Mark Kearney and Randy Ray