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From the air, parts of Malta resemble
medieval fortified cities. Other regions
look prehistoric, with hilltop temples
built frommassive stones. Even on land,
if someone didn’t tell you where you
were, it would be difficult to identify
your location.
Looking around this Mediterranean
island located between Europe and
Africa, you would see a green landscape
that becomes rather arid in summer.
Stone rubble walls separate small
terraced fields and vineyards. A few fig
and olive trees mingle with prickly pear
cacti, carob trees, pines and sandarac
gum trees. You could be in Greece,
Turkey, or even Sicily.
In spring, the ground is carpeted
with yellow daisies and red poppies.
Treading through fields, you discover
fennel, capers and fragrant wild thyme.
You might see some farmers hoeing
or harvesting crops. Perhaps you’re in
southern France.
The sea is the colour of aquamarines
and sapphires. If you’re on the cliffs of
Żurrieq, you can look down into a large
sea cavern with two suspended arches.
It’s the Blue Grotto, as translucent and
azure as the one in Capri. But can it be?
Just down the coast, there are dramatic
cliffs which drop straight into the sea.
If it weren’t for their reddish colouring,
you’d suspect that you were viewing
Britain’s Cliffs of Dover.
Story and photos by Barb & Ron Kroll
The Mediterranean In One Country