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The official news magazine of the
Canadian Snowbird Association
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travelling Canadians. As an active
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Official News MagaziNe Of the caNadiaN sNOwbird assOciatiON | wiNter 2007 | issUe 65
Publication mail agreement no: 40063603
The Amazing
Canadian Dollar!
For more than ten years, Medipac International has
earned the respect and repeat business of snowbirds,
coast-to-coast. Endorsed by the Canadian Snowbird
Association, Medipac has proven time and time again to
be the insurance company that snowbirds rely on. Before
you travel – talk to Canada’s only “real” choice for travel
medical insurance benefits.
1-888-MEDIPAC •
Not only is there strength in numbers…there are
dollars in your pocket because of them! As a member
of the CSA, you can take advantage of highly
competitive rates negotiated through the CSA’s group
purchasing power. For your home, car and cottage
protection, look to the CSA.
When your vehicle is stranded by the side
of the road, you want help, fast. Joining
the CSA auto club means choosing ANY
service vehicle and getting on your
way. Just submit the claim to us and we
GUARANTEE payment within 30 business
1st car…$54
2nd car…$33
The Canadian Snowbird Association
offers its members a hassle free service
to convert their Canadian currency into
American funds, and it has never been
better. Every month we will deduct
the funds from your Canadian financial
institution, exchange the currency and
deposit the funds directly into your U.S.
based bank account. No paperwork, no
phone calls. Just convenience.
CSA Information Booklets
The CSA provides members with
information booklets such as The
CSA Travel Information Guide, The
CSA Member Handbook and The CSA
Travellers’ Checklist. Within these
publications, you will find information
pertaining to border crossing, tips to help
you plan a lengthy trip and the various
benefits of being a member of the CSA.
No one likes to think about accidents.
Protect you and your spouse against the
severe financial hardships that accompany
sudden death, dismemberment or loss of
sight. Endorsed by the CSA.
Endorsed by the
Personal Accident
Insurance Plan
Designed exclusively for members of the Canadian Snowbird Association
Canadian Snowbird Association
Commitment, Service and Advocacy for Travellers
Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance
You are invited to take advantage of rates as low as
$12.56 per unit on up to $20,000 in life insurance
coverage. Once you enroll your rates will never increase.
There are NO medical questions and NO medical
examination, guaranteed!
Endorsed by the
Designed exclusively for members of the Canadian Snowbird Association
No matter where your road leads,
you will never be alone.
Total Family Protection
Endorsed by the
Snowbird Currency
Exchange Program
Designed Exclusively for the Canadian Snowbird Lifestyle
Proven by thousands of snowbirds
Exclusive, preferred exchange rates
Automatic monthly transfers
Low or no transfer fees
Save $100s each year!
Snowbird Currency Exchange Program
Personal Accident
Insurance Plan