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representative, Jim Sherb, has spent several busy
months out west educating eager retirees about how
to make the most of the unique travelling lifestyle of a
snowbird. Jim, a former director of the Canadian Snowbird
Association, recently spent some time at the RV Owners
Lifestyle Seminar in Kelowna. The annual seminar touches
on topics that are important to RV travellers, such as vehicle
and appliance maintenance, towing tips, propane use,
personal safety and overnight camping, just to name a few.
During the four-day event, Jim presented a slide show and
lecture about snowbird travel tips, which encompassed
everything from buying travel insurance to crossing the
border. The presentation also included a question-and-
answer component, during which attendees had the
opportunity to pose questions related to the slide show.
Jim has taken his presentation on the road and has also
shared it with the Kamloops Probus Club, of which he has
been a member for several years. Probus clubs cater to
the interests of retired or semi-retired professional busi-
ness people; currently, there are more than 4,000 clubs
worldwide. Many of the Kamloops Probus Club members
travel frequently and were quite interested in learning more
about the snowbird lifestyle.
Jim is now preparing for a second presentation to a local
Probus club, as well as for the annual Snowbird RV Show
and Sale in Abbotsford, which will be held in early fall. Jim is
anxious to continue spreading the good word about long-
term southern living and creating a forum in which people
can share ideas and advice concerning snowbird travel.
To reach Jim and request a presentation in your community,
e-mail us at
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The Canada Business Corporations Act)
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The annual meeting of the CANADIAN SNOWBIRD ASSOCIATION INC. (Canadian Corporation) and CANADIAN SNOWBIRD ASSOCIATION INC. (Florida Corporation) will be held at the
Lakeland Center, 701 West Lime Street, Lakeland, Florida on Wednesday, the 30
day of January, 2013 at 10:00 o’clock in the forenoon, local time, for the following purposes:
To receive the annual report and the financial statements of the corporations for the year ended October 31, 2012 (and the report of the auditors thereon);
To appoint officers and directors in accordance with procedures, as determined by the bylaws;
To appoint auditors for the ensuing year and to authorize the directors to fix the auditors’ remuneration; and
To transact such further or other business as may properly be brought before the meeting or any adjournment thereof.
Dated at Toronto this 9 day of August, 2012.
Karen Huestis, Secretary
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