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Membership Application
Canadian Snowbird Association
180 Lesmill Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3B 2T5
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REV. 08/2013
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Signature _ ________________________________________ Date _ ____________________________________
Membership Number
(for renewing members)
___________________________________Language English Français
Applicant’s Name
_ ___________________________________________________Date of Birth_ _______________
Spouse/Partner’s Name
_ _______________________________________________Date of Birth_ _______________
Canadian Address
_ ___________________________________________________________________________
City_ _______________________________________ Province_ _______________Postal Code_ ________________
Telephone ( )______________________________ Cell ( )_ ____________________________________
E-mail _ ___________________________________________________________________________________
Winter Address
_ _____________________________________________________________________________
City_ _______________________________________ State_ _________________ Zip Code___________________
Telephone ( )______________________________ Referring Member Name or Number_ ______________________
VISA MasterCard Cash Cheque
(Make payable to: Canadian Snowbird Association)
Credit Card # _ _________________________________________________ Expiry _ _______________
per household (maximum 2 people)
1 Year
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5 Year
Credit provided for any dues paid in the last 5 years; call to confirm savings.
Special Action Fund Donation
Other _____________________________
I/we hereby apply for membership in the Canadian Snowbird Association (CSA) and, if
accepted, acknowledge and/or agree as follows:
1) Membership dues are non-refundable and are renewable every June 30.
2) Information contained in this application may be used by the association for various
purposes in accordance with privacy legislation including, but not limited to the following:
a) Marketing purposes or research.
b) Association-approved third parties as may be necessary.
3) The association will make reasonable efforts to ensure that we are advised of the purposes for which the
information may be used.
4) The letters patent, by-laws, rules, regulations and policies of the association are binding.
The Canadian Snowbird Association is in compliance with the
Personal Information Protection and Electronic
Documents Act
(PIPEDA) of the Government of Canada.
To exclude your subscription to the
CSANews magazine
, deduct $9.95 from the annual dues rate.
Membership dues and fees are subject to change without notice.